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Denise Hamilton-Mace

Founder, Editor, Writer, Podcast Host, Public Speaker & Category Judge

A Bit About Me

Born and raised in south London, I'm the very definition of a regular girl (ahem, 45-year-old, mother of two) who has lived a life of ups and downs with a few sideways spins thrown in for good measure and am just making my way in the world today (and it takes everything I got).


When people would ask me my "sober story" I used to apologetically explain that I didn't really have one; that I wasn't in recovery and I hadn't fought my way out of a bottomless pit of despair, as if somehow that lessened my credibility for being part of this world. 

I don't do that now.


Now I proudly share that my story is likely just the same, or very similar, to the majority of people out there: I used to party way too hard, and now I need to take better care of myself.

And that is why I launched Low No Drinker. To be a resource for people who are now where I used to be and want to know that there are other options available to them. That getting pissed or high every time you leave the house isn't your only choice, and that you can have amazing 'adult' drinks, nights out and experiences without having to always suffer the equally 'adult' consequences.


Wether you are choosing a life less intoxicated for a night, a week, a month, a year or a lifetime, everyone is welcome to pull up a chair and drink at my table.

What do I do?


Podcast Host

Public Speaker


I am the founder and Editor of Low No Drinker Magazine. I read every article and format every page.

I'm passionate about creating a publication that doesn't discriminate and doesn't judge. Low No Drinker is for the mindful and sober curious drinker and I welcome those who still imbibe full-strength booze as much as those who have given it up for life.

Not long after launching the magazine I launched the Low No Drinker Podcast. the companion podcast to Low No Drinker Magazine. 

In the LND podcast I host weekly conversations with low/no-and-mid-range brand founders and industry experts who are leading the low-and-no alcohol revolution! Plus I throw in a few of my own musings for good measure.

I love low/no-and-mid. I love tasting it, writing about it and talking about it. As a trusted industry knowledge hub, it's my pleasure to join panels, conferences and other events and share my knowledge with those who want to explore this amazing, expanding and fast-moving category. 

...and I'm writing a book (two, in fact, but who's counting?)

Let's have a chat

I feel privileged to be in a position to use my platforms to support both this burgeoning low/no-mid industry and the consumers it serves.

If you'd like to talk to me about advertising, speaking at an event, featuring in the magazine or anything else to do with low/no-and-mid, then drop me a line today -

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