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dear aunty pearl.

Pearl aka _rock_bottomed_girl.png

Dear Aunty Pearl is our regular bi-monthly advice column penned by none other than the inimitable @rock_bottomed_girl.


Pearl is a champion of the sober soldier and uses her accumulated knowledge and experience from 15 years of alcohol misuse to help guide and support those on their own journey to live a life less intoxicated.


If you have a question about living a sober life, taking a break from booze, or anything else related to being a low/no drinking badass, then send it in today, and you may be featured in the next issue of Low No Drinker Magazine.


To submit your question, you can either DM Pearl directly via her IG page or fill out the form below.


Important message: Please note that Pearl is not a qualified therapist, and the advice given is guidance borne of her own experiences; if you feel you are experiencing urgent or life-damaging issues with alcohol or any other substance, please seek professional help from a trusted resource such as as soon as possible.

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