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Steph Elswood - Carouse

#25 £12k bottling disaster with Carouse alcohol-free spirit founder Steph Elswood

A bottle of Carouse Lift & Carouse Drift on a marbled table and background

Play Time:

45 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker Ep25 - Carouse founder Steph Elswood

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Quick quotes:

"We calculated and it was about £12,000 worth of damage in terms of retailing stock. I had no idea what to do!"

"I can make this decision for myself without, hopefully, you judging yourself for not making the same."

The conversation:

What if you could transform your social life and well-being without a drop of alcohol?

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Steph Elswood, the founder of Carouse, a cutting-edge non-alcoholic spirit brand.

Steph takes us through her journey from the vibrant world of musical theatre to becoming a wellness influencer and entrepreneur. She opens up about her recovery from an eating disorder to the incredible benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle that led to the inception of Carouse's adaptogen- and nootropic-enhanced spirits.

Steph shares her personal evolution as she recounts the pivotal moments that shaped her sobriety journey, from a transformative holiday in 2019 to overcoming the societal stigma of declaring herself a non-drinker.

Finding new motivations and a profound sense of well-being, learn how Steph turned her life around by embracing sobriety and how that led to the birth of Carouse: A lockdown-inspired functional spirit designed to accompany you whatever your mood.

Drift & Uplift are unique liquids that come with a unique backstory of trials and tribulations on their way to market. Hear how thousands of pounds and countless tears were spent in creating this drink (and my own honest review as to which is my favourite) and what disasters along the way nearly derailed it all!

But Steph is not just an alcohol-free brand founder. Among many other things, she is also the co-founder of Dry Disco, where, along with Sober Girl Society’s Millie Gooch, she hosts a spectacular sober clubbing event in London’s iconic Ministry of Sound.

This convo is jam-packed with sober-curious goodness!

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