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#13 Fat Jabs & their Impact on Drinking Low/No

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47 Minutes

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Quick quotes:

"It's very much the cutting edge of addiction therapy"

"...whatever it is, needs to be more sensorially powerful, so the sensory profile would need to change. Moderate flavours and standard flavours would be very unlikely to move the dial"

The conversation:

And now for something a little different…

This week things take a more scientific turn as I speak to Food & Beverage Consultant Hamish Renton.
Hamish is the MD of HRA-Global and, with 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, is in a unique position to shed some light on the newest but little-known fad to be impacting the low-and-no industry.

The ‘fat-jab’ is gaining increased notoriety among celebrities, social media and tabloids as everyone from the ex-Prime Minister to your Gran turns to them to help manage their weight loss.
But what is the unrealised knock-on effect on the low-and-no-alcohol beverage industry?

These medications, which are already being used for their side effects and not what they were initially designed for, are affecting how swathes of Americans (and now Brits) are approaching consumption of everything from food to alcohol and the relationships we have with others along the way.

How will the low/no beverage industry respond? Will this mark the launch of yet another new category? Are the short-term effects going to have long-term impacts on independent producers who already face mounting struggles just to keep up with the big-alcohol Joneses?

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Hamish's favourite low/no beverage is Lucky Saint*

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