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Using journaling to help you take a break from booze

#20 Using journaling to help you take a break from booze

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Play Time:

50 Minutes

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Quick quotes:

"It's like an old friend. If you forget to do it, it doesn't matter, go back to it, it's still going to be there for you."

"I can't say this often enough there's no 'should' with journaling"

The conversation:

This episode features Kirsty Mulcahy, the founder and director of Sober Buzz Scotland, who takes us through her personal journey of maintaining six years of sobriety with flexible and judgment-free journaling techniques.

Whether you're gearing up for Dry January, Sober October or simply seeking a break from booze, Kirsty’s insights will provide you with practical tools to explore and improve your relationship with alcohol and yourself.

Kirsty has been through her own journey and used journalling as a tool to help her maintain the lifestyle she knew she deserved, from training as a transformational coach to launching her CIC and taking Scotland by the hand.

Hear firsthand about the therapeutic benefits of journaling as both a creative outlet and a form of self-therapy. Drawing from her own experiences, Kirsty shares how journaling has evolved from initial apprehensions to a daily practice that brings clarity and joy.

Kirsty also highlights the importance of a supportive community like Sober Buzz Scotland and offers useful journaling prompts to guide your reflections. Whether you're using a traditional notebook or a digital platform, this conversation will inspire you to capture both the highs and lows of your journey, ensuring a well-rounded reflection of your experiences and the support you need to keep going.

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