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Johnny Johnson
- Unltd. Beer

In this first ever episode of the Low No Drinker Magazine Podcast, I speak with the founder of UNLTD. Johnny Johnson.

Bottles of Unltd beer on a bar top

Play Time:

31 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker & Unltd founder Johnny Johnson

Listen/Watch on all major platforms (and most of the little ones too)

Quick quotes:

"I think that's the most difficult thing I've ever done, trying to think of a name for a brand."

"Had I known what the whole process would fully entail, I may never have gotten started."

The conversation:

Formerly a city tailor, Johnny enjoyed one (or a few) too many tequilas on his wedding night and the next day, started not only a new life with his wife and co-founder Antonia but a whole new way of living.

Now a moderating drinker who still enjoys a full-strength beer from time-to-time Johnny takes me through the journey from inspiration to activation (via Bradly Cooper) and the amazing achievements of UNLTD. so far.

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