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Press release: Pernod Ricard ramps up its activity in the no-alcohol sector

Updated: Feb 11

Pernod Ricard announces a significant addition to its no-alcohol brand portfolio with the launch of Beefeater 0.0%.

Inspired by the original Beefeater London Dry Gin, Beefeater 0.0% maintains the brand’s iconic citric and juniper-forward profile but without the alcohol, creating a perfectly balanced and refreshing drinking experience.

A bottle of new Beefeater 0.0 on a bar with 2 ice-filled glasses and a neon backdrop

Produced by adding the essence of Beefeater London Dry Gin’s classic recipe to the base,

the botanical profile is achieved by using exclusively natural flavours, retaining the experience and attitude consumers have come to know and love about Beefeater.

Murielle Dessenis, Global VP Marketing Gins for The Absolut Group, comments: “We are proud to be bringing to the no-alcohol category an elevated option, removing the need for consumers to compromise or miss out on the occasion. Beefeater 0.0% is our very first zero alcohol expression, which captures the energy of our timeless London classic but without the alcohol.”

The introduction of Beefeater 0.0% further demonstrates the Group’s commitment to serve its consumers’ increasing needs for alternative consumption options. As pioneers of the segment, with the launch of Pacific in 1982, Pernod-Ricard aims to become a key player in the No-alcohol industry, selling real premium spirit experiences in all categories, among which the award-winning Ceder’s, Seagram’s 0.0% or even ready-to-drink propositions, with Suze Tonic Zero.

Significant investments have been made to support this ambition, with a new state-of-the-art production line, opened in autumn 2023 in Thuir, in the southeast of France. This will serve as a one-stop shop for non-alcoholic spirits production, R&D, and innovation for Pernod Ricard globally.

Beefeater 0.0% will launch initially in Spain, where it will complement Beefeater’s existing moderated drinking range, offering a complete range of low and no options to consumers.


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