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quit lit.

A survival guide to many, quit-lit can offer the motivation, inspiration and dedication we all sometimes need on the way to a life less intoxicated.

My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering*
by Claire Hatwell

My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering: How to kick the habit and love your new sober life.

Are you tired of thinking about drinking? Are you questioning your relationship with alcohol? Maybe you’re ready to stop drinking but haven’t worked out where to start?

I’ve been there, and in this guide, I’m going to help you find the tools and strategies you need to break free from the alcohol trap and get your feet firmly on the road to recovery.
You’re going to love the freedom being sober gives you!

My Not So Secret Guide to Recovering by Claire Hatwell book cover

The Good Drinker*
by Adrian Chiles

The popular broadcaster and columnist sets out to discover the unsung pleasures of drinking in moderation. The recommended alcohol limit is 14 units a week. Adrian Chiles used to put away almost 100.

There's an awful lot of advice on how to quit booze completely, but if you just want to drink a bit less, the pickings are slim. Yet the majority of people really do enjoy a drink in moderation. What's their secret?
Chiles sets out around Britain and plumbs his only slightly fuzzy memories of a lifetime in pubs in a quest to find the good drinker within.

The Good Drinker
by Adrian Chiles

Sunshine. Warm. Sober.*
by Catherine Gray

'Stone cold sober.' Sounds horrible, doesn't it? Hard, icy. Brrrrr. No bloody ta. However, as the millions who choose to stay sober now know, the propaganda around drinking and sobriety is wonky. Retired wreck-head Catherine Gray, author of surprise bestseller The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, is now in her ninth sober year and has learnt a damn sight more.

This hotly anticipated sequel enlists the help of experts and case studies, turning a curious, playful gaze onto provocative questions. Is alcohol a parenting aid? Why are booze and cocaine such a horse and carriage? Once an addict, always an addict? How do you feel safe—from alcohol, others and yourself—in sobriety?

Book cover for Sunshine warm sober by Catherine Gray

The Little Book of Positivity*
by Faye Edwardes

The Little Book of Positivity: A First-Aid Kit for Your Well-Being explains the really simple things you can do every day, that are guaranteed to help your well-being, to make you feel happier, and to contribute to a more positive approach to life.

• learn simple and effective exercises to boost your mood
• learn how to welcome more positive energisers into your life
• learn how you can improve your well-being which will enable you to become happier and more successful.

Book cover - The Little Book of Positivity: A First Aid Kit for Your Well-Being Paperback

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