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Jason Clarke -
Gen!us, 3% beers

Gen!us Brewing, specialists in lower-alcohol, low-calorie craft beers.

2 cans of Genius lager and Genius pale ale lit up on a marble bar top

Play Time:

54 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker & Jason Clarke from Genius Brewing

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Quick quotes:

"People drink Genius because it tastes great and it's better for you, simple as that."

"The consumer totally gets the product… They're amazed by the flavour, they just go, 'My God, why is nobody doing this?'

"The health agenda in the alcohol space is around alcohol and calories."

"The low and no space really took off… It's been absolutely on fire for the last five years."

The conversation:

With a background in filmmaking, Jason recognized the need for a high-quality, lower-ABV beer option in the market and set out to create Genius Brewing with his co-founder, Charlie. Their goal is to provide consumers with a healthier drinking option that doesn't compromise on taste.

Jason shares the story behind the creation of Genius Brewing and discusses the challenges they faced in bringing a 3% beer to the market. He also talks about the changing landscape of the beer industry and the growing demand for healthier drinking options. Jason shares his thoughts on the future of the low and no-alcohol market and the importance of providing consumers with a range of choices.

Jason talks about:

The low and no-alcohol market is experiencing significant growth, driven by the demand for healthier drinking options.
Genius Brewing aims to provide consumers with a high-quality, lower-ABV beer that doesn't compromise on taste.
The industry needs to clarify the terminology around low and no-alcohol products to avoid confusion for consumers.
The rise of session IPAs and the reduction in alcohol duty for lower ABV beers are shaping the future of the craft beer market.
Genius Brewing is focused on expanding its presence in the on-trade market and bringing its products to a wider audience.

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