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We help low-and-no-alcohol brands, products and services in all sectors, reach a dedicated, opted-in, activated customer base who are actively seeking to find out more about products just like yours.

Connect with the growing community of mindful drinkers. Our readers are primarily based in the UK and Ireland, but LNDM is making an impact in 24 countries worldwide including a large cohort in the USA.

Position your brand in front of genuine consumers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer, inside the no.1 UK magazine for sober curious drinkers.

Grow without spending your entire budget on a single campaign. Feature both online and in print with competitive ad rates and discounts for package booking or expand your campaign to our podcast, blog, newsletter and social media.


         Amazing magazine! We are in France and

         keep reading all issues! A must-have for any NA lovers!

- Lorrris (Pierre Chavin)

         As someone who is always on the

         lookout for exciting and healthier alternatives to traditional cocktails, I couldn’t be more pleased with the treasure trove of knowledge this magazine provides […] The magazine’s design is sleek and modern, with vibrant imagery that truly captures the essence of the drinks being featured.

- Emma Newman

Why advertise with
Low No Drinker?

         It has been such a great pleasure to work

         with Denise Hamilton-Mace on this feature. Low No Drinker Magazine is a publication all of us in the industry have been waiting for.

- Anna Chalov (Bemuse)

          I love the hard copy of the mag, beautifully

          put together, very stylish with lots of information about the world of low and no drinks. Interesting to hear from company founders. I started with issue 3, then I read the back copies online. Really looking forward to future issues.

- Bxx

         It’s a pleasure working with Denise and 

         with Denise and Low No Drinker Magazine! Exciting to see a wonderful new publication fully dedicated to this growing and innovative industry. Can’t wait to see what you feature next!

- Rhiannon Yee (CCDPR)

         It is so amazing to see a magazine 

         devoted to low/no alcohol! So many people are embracing a healthier lifestyle and examining how alcohol fits…..or doesn’t. There are some great new players in the space and this magazine shines a spotlight on them!

- Rob Walling

Low No Drinker is delighted to be shortlisted for the British Society of Magazine Editors, Launch of the Year 2023!

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