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dear aunty shell.


Dear Aunty Shell is our regular bi-monthly advice column penned by none other than the inimitable Shell Righini, host of the We Recover Loudly podcast.

Shell is a qualified recovery coach, 1-2-1 hospitality mentor and the founder of Radical Hospitality. Having suffered a life-changing burnout in late 2020, she changed her focus from hospitality operations to improving the mental health working conditions of people in the industry, by forcing difficult conversations out into the open, specifically around the hidden epidemic of addiction.


She uses her accumulated knowledge and experience from years of alcohol exposure and misuse to help guide and support those on their own journey to live a life less intoxicated.


If you have a question about living a sober life, taking a break from booze (for however long or short), or anything else related to being a low/no-&-light drinking badass, then send it in today, and you may be featured in the next issue of Low No Drinker Magazine.


To submit your question, you can either DM Shell directly via her IG page or fill out the form below.

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