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Do you have a penchant for prose, or an eye for the artistic? If you have a high for the low-alcohol life and want to showcase your talents, then Low No Drinker Magazine wants to hear from you.


If you would like to write an article, submit a recipe, share your life story or have any other thoughts on how you’d like to get involved, then I would love to hear them.


I’d be interested to hear from:

  • Brands who have insights and philosophies to share beyond just promoting their products

  • People who are living a sober / sober curious life and have felt the positive power of that change

  • Companies/individuals with industry knowledge to educate and inform readers

  • Everyday people who have had great low/no alcohol experiences in bars, clubs and restaurants

  • Proprietors of new openings and alternative nights out for those that may want to drink a bit less

  • Those in general health & wellness industries who feel they have a complimentary viewpoint (e.g. the relationship between drinking less alcohol and exercise / mental health / relationships / education etc...)

  • And anyone else with something great to add


Use the contact form below and let’s talk.

For brand inclusion please download the LND Media Kit here.

quit-lit review

Join our cohort of quit-lit book reviewers and share your thoughts on the titles that help Low No Nation

to live a life less intoxicated.

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