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All your low/no news.
None of the judgment.

We scour tons of sources every week, so you don’t have to: 

Drinks news / venue launches / events / industry developments / and much more – all in an easy five-minute read.


Plus, have your say by voting in our weekly poll & take a free look inside the magazine.


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Hundreds of weekly readers and growing!


Quality magazine with useful recommendations

It's opened my eyes to the huge range that is available now, which is incredibly useful for feeling like I'm not missing

Honest and beautiful content and design

We're were honoured to be featured in Low No Drinker. It's an amazing magazine with beautiful and honest content and design. We're grateful for the opportunity to share our Sober Girl Society events with your readers. What an incredible magazine!

Chris Kazakeos

(On Beer)

Fabulous articles and features

Fabulous articles and features which are super relevant to the audience. So pleased that this new magazine is going from strength to strength,

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