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Steve Sailopal -
Good Karma Beer Co

Join me this week for a chat with Steve Sailopal, the man behind Good Karma Beer. I’m diving into Steve's journey in the world of alcohol-free beer and how things have evolved for him along the way.

The core range of Good Karma beers

Play Time:

35 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker & Good Karma Beer founder Steve Sailopal

Listen/Watch on all major platforms (and most of the little ones too)

Quick quotes:

“We’re here as well! It is challenging, dude. And the boys with the big brandS, they've got the chain and distribution, we just need to be part of it now.”

"And it shows you British hops can be just as flavoursome as New Zealand hops or American hops."

"We're on a really good, exciting, mindful mission with Good Karma with what we're doing with the local farmers."

The conversation:

Steve's all about good vibes, good energy and good people. He shares his current efforts to keep things local and build relationships with hop farmers in the Kent and Sussex regions local to his brewery. He's also got some great thoughts on how we can make the alcohol-free brewing scene more diverse and inclusive, focusing on teamwork and sharing ideas in this exciting industry.

Steve's got a message for the gatekeepers out there too about how and why we should be giving the smaller brands a chance to shine!

And as always, I ask for his personal party recommendations for a night out on the low/no beers.

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