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Danielle & Paul -
Mahala Botanical, 0%

The inception of an international brand all on Zoom during the midst of a global pandemic.

Bottle of Mahala on a table next to a lovely brown tinted retro rocks glass

Play Time:

29 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker & Mahala Botanical

Listen/Watch on all major platforms (and most of the little ones too)

Quick quotes:

“And I think, when you say farm to glass, it's really that we are part of the process from the beginning where we pick the botanicals to the end of it where we actually bottle it, label it and put in the box all ourselves”

"The forecast for the next three years for the UK low/now market is to grow at 8% to 10% where alcoholic spirits are flat."

"I think there's a lot of support for females in the industry at the moment."

"We're always going to be at the craft end, at the premium end... people are willing to pay for a really nice product that's got quality packaging, quality taste, and that has a nice story behind it."

The conversation:

Daniele explains how the country-wide ban on alcohol sales in South Africa led her to experiment with non-alcoholic liquids and eventually create Mahala which has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Learn about their complete farm-to-glass process, where hand-foraged local botanicals are selected by their own team and handcrafted in the only female-owned distillery in South Africa.

With a vast career in full-strength alcohol beverages, Paul Scanlon also shares his insights into the world of low/no in the UK, South Africa and beyond.

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