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Rohan Radhakrishnan - Quarter

#16 Exploring light-spirits with Quarter Proof 12% spirits

A bottle of 12% Tequila and 12% Gin from Quarter Proof Spirits atop a bench with dramatic top lighting

Play Time:

44 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker interview with Rohan Radharkrishnan from Quarter Proof Spirits

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Quick quotes:

"We would want to, and prefer to, sit in the full-strength section of the supermarket"

The conversation:

First, there was low and no – now there’s light!

As industry leaders in this newer mid-range space, Quarter co-founder Rohan Radhakrishnan is primed to welcome us into his world in this eye-opening delve into the 12% spirit brand.

Co-founded three years ago by childhood best friends Fabian Clark & Rohan Radhakrishnan, the Quarter range includes a 12% Gin & a 12%Tequila – just a quarter of the standard ABV for full-strength spirits.

In our conversation, Rohan shares the origin of Quarter and his own on-and-off love affair with booze, as well as the inspiration that led this dynamic duo to bring the brand to market.

We discuss product placement, public perception and the desperate need for more education all round for the industry to not only grow but to thrive.

As the mid-week drinkers become more discerning about what goes into their glass, Rohan & Fabian become equally discerning about what goes into their drinks; authentic ingredients, expert guidance and masses of trial and error later and this is still only the beginning for Quarter and the light-alcohol market.

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