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Carl Anthony Brown - Crossip

#15 The zero-strength spirit made for full-strength drinkers

A bottle each of Crossip Pure Hibiscus, Crossip Dandy Smoke & Crossip Citru Fresh sitting atop a dark bar back drop

Play Time:

54 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker interview with Carl Anthony Brown of Crossip

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Quick quotes:

“I didn't create a non-alcoholic spirit dedicated to people that want to be sober, or who are sober. I did it for people that aren't. I did it for people who drink so that they can enjoy those mature flavours but not have the detrimental side.”

“l created this essence, and I called it spirit essence. And I was like, here you go, Tim, taste this. And he had it, and he was like, oh, my God, that's disgusting!”

The conversation:

Join me on this trip down memory lane with Carl Anthony Brown, co-founder of Crossip Alcohol-Free Spirits.

Carl comes at the low/no market from a different perspective, as in his inimitable “unapologetically Bold’ way he makes it clear that his drinks were never made to replicate alcohol and nor were they made for sober drinkers!

Instead, Carl and the Crossip team are making flavour-first drinks for those times when full-strength imbibers are choosing to drink less.

Carl takes me through the creation process of inventing Crossip, which involved a lot of time spent in dark rooms with a lot of booze as he taste-tested his way to just the right formulas for the “currently” three-strong range.

We touch on Carl’s impassioned opinions about the word ‘Mocktail’, and I probe the nation’s favourite television drinks expert for some of his best tips for making low/no cocktails at home.

This episode is full of open chat, honest opinions and lots of laughs. Get your glasses topped up, and come join us!

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