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Billy Wright - DECEM

#21 Decem: From Masterchef finalist to 10% Spirit Distiller

Bottles of Decem 10% gin on a table

Play Time:

38 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker Ep21 - Decem 10% Gin

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Quick quotes:

"Can we make something that’s A-a bit more British, B-not as fluorescent, and C-a bit more natural”

“I think the mid-range for me is all about giving you options and choice and giving you that for different times of the day.”

The conversation:

Join me this week as I sit down to talk with ex-MasterChef finalist turned mid-range alcohol gin distiller Billy Wright – the founder of DECEM 10% Gin

In this open and honest conversation, Billy shares his incredible journey from creating a range of three 10% liquids to making the difficult decision to pivot his entire business plan and start again with just one drink.

Launching a new product in a competitive market is no small feat, and Billy opens up about the trials and triumphs of bringing Decem to life. From crafting a unique flavour profile that stands out to the strategic rebranding supported by investors, Billy's story is a masterclass in adaptability and resilience. We delve into the importance of understanding consumer preferences and the critical decisions that helped Decem capture the hearts of gin enthusiasts.

But the journey doesn't stop there. Billy takes us behind the scenes of Decem's refreshed bottle design, revealing the collaborative process with a New York-based artist to create a label that resonates with a predominantly female audience.

Tune in to hear about the botanical ingredients, customer feedback, and what the future holds for Decem Gin and how you can join Billy’s quest to create ‘The Guild…’

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