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Kieran Gandhi - Lecap, 5% Wines

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43 Minutes

Lecap 5% rose in 2 label colours

Lecap Co-Founder Kieran Gandhi talks me through his passion for creating a lower alcohol, lower calorie wine that allows people to enjoy the social experience without the negative effects of traditional full-strength wine consumption.

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Quick quotes:

"We're not 0% or below 1.2% to be a low and no officially on a label, but we're certainly a hell of a lot lower ABV than a full strength wine."

"We've got 0% and there's some beautiful brands out there with some good liquid. But the feedback I've had quite often is that that liquid isn't really resembling a wine per se."

"We won't do it with haste and we won't rush it because we don't want to be that wine company. We want to be one that has real kind of authenticity to what we're doing and real love and passion behind here."

"We've worked very closely with the winemakers in South Africa to use the latest technology and methods to create a wine with as little intervention as possible."

Our chat:

Kieran Gandhi is one of the founders of La Cap, a brand that produces 5% ABV wines. With a background in hospitality and a passion for creating a lower-alcohol, lower-calorie wine, Kieran and his team have worked hard to develop a product that offers the flavour and experience of wine without the negative effects of high alcohol content.

Kieran Gandhi discusses the journey of creating a 5% ABV wine and the unique challenges the team faces in developing a product that resembles a good quality, full-strength wine. He shares his own journey with alcohol and the desire to create a wine that allows people to enjoy the social experience without the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
Kieran also talks about the reception they have received from influencers, retailers, and the hospitality industry and the importance of offering choices in the low-and-no-alcohol sector.

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