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Ian Blessing - All the Bitter

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47 Minutes

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What the heck are bitters and how can they improve your low/no drinking experience?

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker interview with Ian Blessing from All the Bitter

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Quick quotes:

"...the key difference between how we make our bitters and how you make alcoholic bitters, they're very similar but ours take longer and they're harder to make."

The conversation:

Ever wondered how a shift in lifestyle can spur a wave of creativity and innovation? In the latest conversation on the Low No Drinker Podcast, we retrace the steps from three-Michelin-starred sommelier at Nappa Valley’s French Laundry to kitchen creator with All the Bitter founder Ian Blessing.

Parenthood and the pandemic introduced Ian and his wife, co-founder Carly, to the world of sobriety and, with it, the challenge of finding quality, alcohol-free cocktails that were just missing that something extra.

Now, the pioneers of an entirely new product category, All the Bitter’s cocktail bitters can be used in both alcohol-free and alcohol-full cocktails, and if you want to know how, then Ian is the best man for the job.

From what cocktails are best enhanced with each of their four SKUs to the introduction of bitters into lesser-known beverages (anyone for an AF red wine and bitters, or maybe a chamomile tea?) Ian really opens up the world of bitters and welcomes you all to sip and learn with him as we go.

With some surprising insights along the way, you’ll come away from this episode knowing more than you ever thought you would about cocktail bitters; and whether you’re teetotal, sober curious, or mindfully drinking, you’ll also come away with a slew of brand-new drinks to brighten up your low/no-drinking experience.

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