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Aaron McAllister & Daniel Lasa - Ama Brewery

#14 Unfiltered Journeys in Fermentation with Ama Brewery

The 5 bottles in the Ama Brewery range against a stark white background

Play Time:

60 Minutes

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker interview with Danny Lasa & Aarom McAllister - Ama Brewery

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Quick quotes:

“Champagne is to wine, what Ama is to Kombucha”

“People are starting to realize that alcohol doesn't correspond to value. You can drink white spirit, which is, you know, 90% alcohol, but you're not going to have a good time.”

The conversation:

Discover the effervescent world of sparkling pét-nat tea fermentation with Aaron McAllister and Daniel Lasa of Amma Brewery, who join me to share their passion for creating low-alcohol, artisanal beverages that go beyond the everyday.

These brewmasters take us behind the scenes of their six-month ageing process, revealing how their culinary and fermentation expertise culminates in a drink that's as complex as it is refreshing. From the serendipitous discoveries that shaped their methods to the unfiltered essence that defines their brand, we sip through the artistry that sets Ama's offerings apart from conventional beverages.

Aaron and Danny pour out the challenges and philosophies of crafting these premium drinks, emphasizing their dedication to minimal intervention and sustainable practices incorporating natural ingredients from specialist growers around the globe.

We also explore the vital role of the Makers Alliance in cultivating a community for small-scale producers and how they strive to preserve their integrity against the backdrop of a market often controlled by the heavy pour of larger corporations.

Raise your glasses to collaboration and evolution within the craft drink industry, as we celebrate Ama Brewery's journey into the spotlight in fine dining. Aaron and Danny reflect on the importance of language and education in introducing new categories of premium beverages to the discerning palates of consumers and sommeliers alike.

Join us for an episode that's bursting with the complexity, nuance, and the very essence of what makes a drink not just good, but remarkable.

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