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Luke Hemsley - Wednesday's Domaine

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39 Minutes

6 bottles of Wednesday's Domain red & white wines on a table

Dealcoholised Vs Alcohol-Free Wine Making with Wednesday's Domaine

Podcast cover for Low No Drinker interview with Luke Hemsley from Wednesday's Domaine

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Quick quotes:

"We work with dealcoholised wines but we use them as a base rather than a finished product."

The conversation:

If you’ve ever wished for an alcohol-free wine that didn't compromise on taste, texture or experience, then Luke Hemsley of Wednesday's Domain has got something for you. Come with us on our conversation as Luke uncorks the secrets behind crafting some of the best alcohol-free wines on the market today.

We discuss the challenges of production, the difference between alcohol-free and dealcoholised wines, and why Luke starts his product with one and swiftly moves it to the other.

Luke also shares his passion for the hospitality industry and what Wednesday’s Domaine do to stand out in a market that while embracing products, seems to know very little about them.

Education, advocacy, and brand development are the keywords for this conversation. Oh, and a little food pairing thrown in for good measure!

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