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The advent of low/no Christmas

Updated: Feb 11

by Denise Hamilton-Mace

It’s that time of year again….

An advent calendar of minature gifts

Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic or a grouchy Grinch Crimbo is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Along my high street, the Christmas lights have already gone up in anticipation of the big switch-on and it’s only the start of October!

So in true (ex-)hospitality style, where we would start prepping for Christmas in June!, I am looking ahead to the festive season to see what low-and-no-alcohol goodness there is for us and have found three mega advent calendar boxes for you to get your alcohol-free mits on:


The Wise Bartender Advent Calendar box of low/no alc drinks
The Wise Bartender Advent Calendar box of low/no alc drinks

There are two options from Wise Bartender this year:

Their Alcohol-Free Beer Advent Calendar includes “24 (different) of the world's finest 0.0% - 0.5% Beers. This includes Lager, Pilsner, Stout, Ale, IPA and wheat beers from your favourite brands and some brand-new additions.”

They also have a vegan Sweet & Tasty Calendar which contains “24 different drinks on the sweeter side of life […] ciders, cocktails, and wine all no higher than 0.5% ABV.”

Both calendars come with a December discount voucher worth 10% off orders made in the festive month, so if you find a new favourite you can fill your fridge with it for less.

The calendars are priced at £74.99 but the chaps at Wise Bartender are offering 40% off the first 250 of each making them just £49.99 if you get in quick. At £2.08 per drink that’s a pretty good deal. But be quick, at the time of writing, there are only 38 beer calendars left at the discounted rate.

Wise Bartender founder Tom Ford is also excited to be hosting an interactive version of the calendar with social media takeovers every day of Advent to feature photos, videos, interviews and tasting sessions.

The Dry Drinker Advent Calendar box of low/no alc drinks
It's a Dry Drinker Christmas


Also offering a discount is Dry Drinker. Their advent calendar of beers between 0.0% – 0.5% comes in at £77.76 full price but with the 20% off pre-order discount bringing that down to £62.21 you’ll be paying around £2.59 a drink.

The Dry Drinker advent calendar contains 24 days of “frothy festivity” that “yule love” (their words not mine), “…from the snow-capped peaks of robust craft beers to the twinkling lights of lively lagers. And who knows? Maybe a warming stout is nestled in there, like a cosy fireplace on a chilly winter's eve.” That’s quite a festive word-picture they paint!

The pre-order discount price ends at the end of October and also includes a £5 off voucher that you can use immediately.

The Ghost Whale Advent Calendar box of low/no alc drinks
Have a whale of a low/no Christmas


The priciest of our three, Ghost Whale, is not a dedicated alcohol-free supplier like Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender but they have seen the way of the future and are now offering punters an alcohol-free version of their “legendary beer advent calendar” (£145 for those who still imbibe).

At £95 a box the Ghost Whale advent offers “Sours, Lagers, IPA’s, Pales, Dark Beers and plenty in-between, all clocking in at 0.5% abv or less, all in cans from 330ml-500ml.” Coming in at £3.96 per can (and with a £5 discount for early bird orders automatically applied at the checkout) there’s definitely more of a sense of indulgence around this box.

Which one/s will you be trying?

Keep an eye on the Low No Drinker Instagram account this December to find out which one we’ve decided to try and just what it has inside. Will they be worth it? Let’s find out.

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