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Introducing Tørstig: Brighton's First Alcohol-Free Bar Pops Up in Hoxton for Dry January

Updated: Feb 11

by Tørstigbar

Tørstig, the famed alcohol-free bar from Brighton, is bringing its innovative concept to London's Hoxton for a limited two-week pop-up event from 5th to 20th January. Aptly named Tørstig, meaning "thirsty" in Danish, this establishment has been selected as the Official Bar for Dry January.

Tørstigbar's Brighton location

Danielle Houliston, Director of Fundraising and Engagement at Alcohol Change UK, said: "We are so proud to have Tørstig join us as an Official Venue of Dry January® 2024. Whether you are taking part in Dry January®, moderating throughout the year or don't drink at all, having a place where you can enjoy a wealth of alcohol-free drinks all whilst still having an amazing experience, is so important. 

"A huge 86% of daily heavy drinkers who have successfully taken back control of their drinking say that alcohol-free alternatives played an important role for them, so Tørstig's commitment to change the way people view alcohol-free drinks is just one of the reasons why we are so excited to have them as our partner this year."

Tørstig is set to revolutionise the world of alcohol-free cocktails, meticulously crafting their signature serves to capture the essence of beloved classics. The secret to their success is the extensive research that goes into each drink and the use of premium alcohol-free products. Tørstig is on a mission to change perceptions of low-alcohol drinks. 

From January 5th to January 20th, the Tørstig pop-up promises a series of exciting events and partnerships with the best and brightest in the alcohol-free space and further.

Founded by husband and wife duo Luke and Emmi, Tørstig is a love letter to Copenhagen's low and no-alcohol culture. They've poured the same level of attention to detail into crafting their no-alcohol concoctions as you'd find in traditional cocktails. To streamline the ordering process, the cocktails have been carefully developed, ensuring that even seasoned drinkers can recognise the familiar flavour profiles. 

Tørstigbar Tumbol

Tumbol - If you like a Negroni. Tumbol emulates the classic Negroni, known for its bittersweet and sophisticated taste. The drink starts by recreating the distinct bitterness of traditional Campari but replaces it with a hibiscus-based, alcohol-free spirit. The Danish Gin provides herbal and botanical notes reminiscent of gin's characteristic flavours. The AF dry Vermouth adds a touch of dryness and complexity, balancing the sweetness of the hibiscus. Altogether, Tumbol offers a well-balanced blend of bitterness, herbal complexity, and a hint of floral sweetness, making it an excellent alcohol-free alternative for Negroni enthusiasts.

Orso - If you like an Old Fashioned. Orso pays homage to the timeless Old Fashioned. The flavours are rich and deep, with the warm, caramel notes of a traditional Old Fashioned. Orso achieves this with a blend of handpicked alcohol-free products that bring the comforting taste of aged spirits without the alcohol content. Orso is the embodiment of classic sophistication, with a touch of sweetness and a lingering, slightly smoky finish.

More cocktails from the signature list: 

  • Agerup - if you like a margarita

  • Lokken - if you like a clover club 

  • Logstor - if you like a dark and stormy

  • Humlum - if you like a pornstar martini 

  • Strandby - if you like an espresso martini

  • Ringkobing - if you like an amaretti sour

Cocktails are priced at £9, with simple serves at £7, and many of the premium ingredients used are proudly British-made. 

The remainder of the list includes Tørstig's 'mood-altering' simple serves made with Three Spirit and Wild Eve. The spirits work by combining active plant ingredients, enjoy euphoric feelings from guayusa and schisandra in Livener*, connected bliss with cacao and lion's mane in Social Elixir*, and wind down with terpenes in Nightcap*. The menu also boasts popular brand Strykk* within the signature cocktails and on offer as a simple serve. 

The Hoxton pop-up joins the Brighton bar in being one of the very few places in the country to offer Guinness 0.0* on tap. A wide range of cans and bottles in the fridges will include Brulo CBD IPA and LOAH's Lime, Peach and Blood Orange 0.5% beers.

Reminiscent of the Brighton flagship, the pop-up will feature the same muted green and purple colour scheme, complete with half-cork-clad walls and angular tabletops with bar seating. A striking lightbox will mark the entrance of the pop-up and serve as the bar's sign. 

Tørstig will open at 93 Kingsland Road, London E2 8AE from January 5th to January 20th.

  • Monday to Friday – 5pm – 11pm

  • Saturday – 1pm – 11pm

  • Sunday – 1 - 9pm

More details for the events running over this period will be shared via Tørstig's Instagram and Website. 


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