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What did you miss? Inside the dry Advent Calendar.

Updated: Feb 11

As we come to the end of the 1st Official dry Advent Calendar, we three self-proclaimed angels of Dry January are so so pleased with the great contributions, discounts, articles and interviews from some of the brightest and most exciting voices and brands in the low/no space right now.

SHell Righini, Denise Hamilton-Mace & Hannah Taylor
Shell, Denise & Hannah - The angels of Dry January


We’ve so far raised a wonderful £1,605 for Alcohol Change UK and all at the same time as providing some much-needed support and encouragement for people giving this great challenge a go.


It warms all our cockles to get messages like these:

“I have really enjoyed your daily notes. I'm learning a lot about the sober community!” – Kim


“The companies who have had good promotions, I’ve taken the opportunity to try new Drinks and spent a considerable along the way 😂” - Adele


We’d love to know how you got on with the calendar. What was your favourite day? What new drinks did you try, and how did they taste? Use the contact form at the bottom of this post to let us know.


And if, for some bizarre reason, you haven’t got your calendar yet, you’ll be elated to know that most of the discounts are still live until mid/late-February, and all the recordings are still available to watch on the Low No Drinker YouTube channel. You can access it all by donating the cost of your 'usual' here.

Want to know what you’ll get for your money - how’s this for great value..?!


Mon  1st – 20% off at Dry Drinker*

Tues 2nd – Get your Dry January t-shirt

Weds 3rd – 10% off at Lucky Saint

Thurs 4th – A free self-hypnosis recording from Louisa Evans

Fri 5th – Camille Vidal’s top tips for Dry January

Sat 6th – 1%-30% off the Dry January 10k

Sun 7th – Exclusive podcast recording with Shell Righini (We Recover Loudly) & Hannah Taylor (Sober Butterfly Collective)

Mon 8th – 30% off at Bemuse

Tues 9th – 35% off your first subscription box at Jomo Club

Weds 10th – 15% off at Lyre’s and an interview with Brand Ambassador Danny Shell

Thurs 11th – Exclusive journaling interview with Kirsty Mulcahy (Sober Buzz Scotland)

Fri 12th – 30% off at Myth Drinks

Sat 13th – Getting up close & personal with dear aunty pearl, aka @rock_bottomed_girl  

Sun 14th – Exclusive interview with Sober Dave 

Mon 15th – Sober is Sexy Calendar 2024

Tues 16th – Making Mocktails with Emma Newman & 20% off at Mocktails

Weds 17th – Cocktail recipe with Noah Villeneuve & 15% off at Botivo

Thurs 18th – Fun without the Fizz with Millie Gooch (Sober Girl Society)

Fri 19th – 10% off at Notch

Sat 20th – Sober Boozer Ben & the Mash Gang

Sun 21st – Sunday Sesh with Bryony Gordon

Mon 22nd – 33% off Teetotaler wines at the Alcohol-Free Drinks Co

Tues 23rd – 25% off any 6-month subscription at Low No Drinker Magazine

Weds 24th – 31% off at L.A Brewery

Thurs 25th – 25% off at Days Brewing

Fri 26th – 25% off at UNLTD. Beers

Sat 27th – 25% off at Clean Break Brewing

Sun 28th – 20% off at Nunc

Mon 29th – 30% off at Mahala Botanical

Tues 30th – 20% off at Sober & Curious

Weds 31st – 25% off two or more bottles at Clean Co and an exclusive recording from founder Spencer Matthews



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