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Botivo: Making a Branding Shift

Botivo announces strategic brand shift:

Transitioning from ‘slow sipping botanicals’ to ‘big-sipping botanical aperitivo’


Bottle of Botivo on a rustic table surrounded by natural ingredients and fruits

Botivo, the multi-award-winning aperitif-inspired brand, is proud to announce an evolution in its brand identity and direction. 

Botivo is embracing bolder language and brand narrative, departing from its original descriptor of 'Slow-Sipping Botanicals' to embrace the more vibrant spirit of 'Big-Sipping Botanical Aperitivo'.

This strategic transition represents a conscious effort by Botivo to align its messaging with the values of abundance, pleasure, and playfulness. 

While slow sipping served the purpose of communicating savouring a premium product, the shift towards 'Big-Sipping Botanical Aperitivo' works more coherently with their visual brand world and reaffirms Botivo's commitment to innovation. 

Botivo co-founder Imme Ermgassen asserts, "Our decision to move towards calling Botivo an aperitivo stems from a desire to stay true to our roots while adapting to the expectations of our customers. Botivo is not a mimic drink, but increasingly there has been pressure from retailers to categorise it and from consumers to have a clearer understanding of what to expect. As the market continues to evolve, it's imperative for us to communicate our brand essence effectively while delivering an unparalleled drink."

While Botivo remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting a unique and high-quality aperitif-inspired botanical drink, the brand acknowledges the importance of clarity and differentiation in today's competitive market. 

The name Botivo comes from Botanical Aperitivo combined, so evolving into the language that originally inspired the name and flavour profile made sense. By embracing the 'Big-Sipping Botanical Aperitivo', moniker, Botivo aims to provide customers with a clearer understanding of its product, thereby enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Botivo's strategic brand shift represents a natural progression in its journey towards innovation and growth. As the brand prepares to embark on this exciting new chapter, it looks forward to captivating audiences with its distinctive flavour profile and playful tone of voice. 


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