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What’s your low/no drinking personality type?

Have you ever wondered what type of low/no drinker you are?

Are you Mindful? Sober Curious? A Blender? (WTF is a blender?)


Low No Drinker Magazine Founder & Editor-in-Chief Denise Hamilton-Mace has created the very first low/no drinking personality type quiz to help you understand just where you stand on the spectrum of no- low- and light- alcohol drinkers.

To help you really get to grips with your low/no-drinking personality type, Denise has linked each of the five personality types to an animal that best embodies the characteristics and traits of your consumption style.


Not only will you discover which animal best represents where you are on your journey, but you’ll also take a look at the challenges that lifestyle can bring and, importantly, what you can do to combat them.


The beauty of the Low No Drinker Personality Quiz is that as you journey through the varying stages of your relationship with alcohol, you can return to the quiz as many times as you need to see your progress in action and explore the next stage in your journey to a life less intoxicated on your own terms.


Take the quiz today and discover your low/no drinking spirit animal. Are you a dolphin, a tortoise, an elephant, a wolf or an octopus?


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