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Decem Re-Launch with New Gin Recipe and Bottle Redesign

Updated: Apr 28

The 10% spirits brand DECEM has unveiled a new bottle design along with a new and improved liquid.

4 bottles of Decem's new 10% gin on a table in the sunlight

Founded by chef Billy Wright, a previous Masterchef finalist, DECEM is a pioneering craft spirit distilled in the traditional way, yet at only 10% ABV, it allows gin lovers to enjoy more of what they love.

"I'm a passionate gin drinker, but I've always been a useless drunk. So, like all gin lovers, I've spent most of my life having to drink less of the spirit I love the most. DECEM was born on the belief gin doesn't need to be 40% vol to make the perfect G&T. At 10% vol, we designed DECEM to have just the right amount of alcohol to give you all the relaxing benefits, distinctive flavours and mouthfeel of your favourite London Dry gin. It makes for a refreshing alternative to a full-strength gin for all those times you want to enjoy a G&T (or two), whether that's because you're driving, chilling on a school night, or just keeping an eye on your units and calories". Billy Wright, Founder.

DECEM's new and improved liquid is distilled with traditional botanicals - juniper, coriander, angelica, orange and lemon peel. All steeped for 24 hours in a copper pot still to capture the rich essential oils, resulting in a Classic London Dry Spirit that's full in flavour yet light on alcohol.

"Since our original launch, we've been working hard in the background on our new batch of liquid, which we are incredibly proud of. We've listened closely to our community and have really focused in on creating a 10% gin that delivers the drinking experience we all expect of our favourite full-strength brands - bursting with clean, crisp, refreshing flavours and a truly robust mouthfeel. It's the perfect drink for those looking to moderate with zero compromise".

The new bottle design is a nod to the new direction of the DECEM brand, celebrating the sociability and enjoyment of a 10% gin. The illustration is by New York-based Meredith Schomburg and shows a group of friends all sharing a G&T together.

"Moderation is often seen as a slightly boring compromise. We wanted to show the opposite—that DECEM is all about enjoying more of what you love with the people you love. Meredith's illustrations perfectly capture the sentiment of DECEM, from the craft that goes into making the gin to the enjoyment of drinking it with friends."

With the increasing popularity of moderation and the rise of 'Damp January' DECEM is the perfect gin for people looking to cut back rather than completely abstain.

DECEM is available online at as well as Fortnum & Mason, Master of Malt, Threshers and Berry Brothers. DECEM is £29.95 a bottle.


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