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Dry Drinker Father’s Day Case Returns

Drydrinker*, the UK’s No1 No & Low Alcohol specialist, re-releases its sellout Father’s Day Case for 2024The calendar contains 24 no-and-low-alcohol beers from over 20 different breweries, and is packed full of firm favourites and undiscovered gems, alongside a new glass for 2024, Drydrinker has partnered with Fairtrade chocolatier - Divine - to add a little extra indulgence to this year's case

Dry Drinker Father’s Day Case with the 24 no-and-low-alcohol beers from over 20 different breweries on a table
Available for immediate delivery, £79.95 from

For dads looking to celebrate Father’s Day whilst drinking a little less, Drydrinker, the UK’s No1 No & Low Alcohol specialist, has created the perfect treat. Their hefty Father’s Day case is packed with a whopping 24 no/low alcohol favourites from over 20 breweries, plus a Salted Caramel milk chocolate bar from Divine.

Famed for their range of great tasting No & Low Alcohol drinks, the Drydrinker team, who pride themselves on only stocking drinks they have tasted and loved, have approached the creation of this year’s case with the same dedication. The team has spent the last 7+ years tasting and curating their delicious selection and has handpicked the highlights from the beer category for the 2024 Father’s Day case.

Sharing the finest No & Low Alcohol IPAs, lagers and stouts the market has to offer, the case features classics like Corona Cero’s refreshing alcohol-free Mexican Lager, Beavertown’s alcohol-free ‘Lazer Crush’ IPA and Asahi’s Super Dry 0.0% Japanese Lager. These are complimented by a treat from Mikkeller; their famous Drink’in in the Sun, an 0.3% ABV brew that packs a punch with a harmonious blend of grapefruit, orange and lemon flavours balanced with a subtle malt sweetness. The thirst-quenching, summery drinks theme continues with two 0.5% ABV brews from innovative German brewery Insel-Brauerei; appealingly named Snorkeler’s Sea Salt IPA and Surfer’s Summer Ale.

The bright and beautiful, sizeable case has 24 numbered windows, allowing dads to enjoy the drinks one at a time should they choose, or more quickly if they’re feeling particularly thirsty. In addition to the beers, the case contains a Drydrinker chalice style glass with a little chocolate treat inside.

As part of its partnership with B-Corp certified chocolatier, Divine, Drydrinker is treating dads to a 35g milk chocolate bar, studded with chunks of delicious salted caramel. Made using Fairtrade cocoa and sugar, 100% pure cocoa butter, and no nasties such as palm or soya, it is the ultimate small indulgence. As the only farmer-owned Faitrade chocolate-maker in the world, Divine is leading the way in ethical chocolate production, working closely with farmers who are guaranteed a Fairtrade price and a Fairtrade premium for their cocoa and other ingredients. Divine also invests annually in a series of Farmer Community Programmes, which address key challenges, such as female illiteracy and unfair labour practices.

The case is sure to be a hit with no/low alcohol beer loving dads, but to get your hands on one you’ll have to be quick - as it was a complete sellout in 2023.

Drydrinker founder Stuart Elkington said,

“More and more people are now approaching drinking more mindfully, and drinking less for a multitude of reasons, be that health or wanting to change their relationship with alcohol for good. Whatever your reasons, our Father’s Day case is a brilliant way to experience the quality and variety of non alcoholic beer brewing today.
“The team and I have worked with our partner breweries to make sure we’ve got the tastiest selection of drinks available. A dry Father’s Day celebration definitely doesn’t have to be a boring one.
“As part of our commitment towards mindful production, the case packaging is fully recyclable. We’re also proud to partner with Divine, whose B-Corp credentials are amazing. And having sampled their Salted Caramel chocolate bar, we can confirm that it makes for a sublime treat alongside a refreshing 0% beer.
“When it comes to our site - there’s something for everyone, including lots of unusual and unique bottles. We always spend our time picking the best products, so you don’t have to.”

Dry Drinker beer glass surrounded by several of the Father's Day beers and a bar of Divine chocolate

The Drydrinker Father’s Day Case is available to order now from* and retails at £79.95. Delivery is immediate, with next day shipping available for orders placed before 5pm Monday-Thursday. The case arrives in a plain shipping box, making it a great gift that can stay a surprise until 16th June.


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