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Low/No Winners at the 2024 Free From Awards

At the glamorous Free From Awards party in central London on Fri 21st June, some fabulous new drinks were crowned with golds!

A bottle of Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn and Free Damm Tostada, gold winners atthe Free From Drink Awards sponsored by Low No Drinker Magazine

In the Free From Drink Awards 2024, Gun Brewery scooped two golds, and their Numb Angel Lager (4%) won the Free From Drink Product of the Year. “A refreshing choice for summer with its light golden colour and fresh taste. With organic ingredients and a smooth, drinkable nature,” gushed one judge. “Ideal for those new to craft beers, it offers a gentle introduction with its subtle flavours.”


The big rise in low/no alcoholic drinks has encouraged our Low & No Alcohol category at the Free From Drink Awards Sponsored by Low No Drinker Magazine. Winners of this category include Free Damm Tostada 0.0%*:

“Impresses with its authentic lager appearance and punchy aroma. Its rich, toasty flavour paired with hoppy and biscuity notes offers a refreshing drink that's both gluten-free and non-alcoholic.”

Also winning gold is Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn (0%)* Alcohol-Free Spirit, which elegantly testifies to the need for alcohol-free drinks in the free-from sector,

“True allergy to alcohol is extremely rare, although skin rash reactions have been recorded. More often, alcohol exacerbates underlying conditions such as asthma, urticaria, and rhinitis because it opens up blood vessels.”


The Gluten Free Beer category, sponsored by SGS, saw gold being won Daura Damm’s Lager Beer (5.4%), the first gold-winning beer we ever had back in 2010! A classic lager, easy to drink, golden with a creamy head, and a refreshing hoppiness.

Said Awards’ CEO, Cressida Langlands,  

“Year on year the quality of entries increases, with the focus moving from showstopping, groundbreaking innovation, to product delivery - such as packaging and quality evolution, which is closing the gap between free from and main category alternatives. But for that food/drink to be truly safe we believe that everyone in the industry should be collaborating to ensure a uniform approach to clear ingredient labelling.”


Sponsor Tanya Ednan Laperouse of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation introduced the winner of the Free From Hero Award, Julianne Ponan MBE;

“Not only is she the founder of an innovative young brand specialising in Top 14 Allergen Free products, she campaigns for safer spaces like airlines and schools through her free School Assembly campaign.”


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