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Quarter Proof: Rebranding & Launching a New Vodka

Quarter Proof, the next-gen spirits company, announces the launch of its rebranded identity and revamped product lineup, including the launch of Quarter Proof Three Grain Spirit (Vodka), marking a significant milestone in its journey of redefining a new spirits category. This is Spirits 3.0.

Quarter Proof's new 15% three grain vodka spirit on a table next to a martini glass

The Challenge

Founded in 2021, Quarter Proof is revolutionising the drinks industry by re-engineering traditional spirits for modern drinkers. Bridging the gap between traditional high-strength spirits and non-alcoholic options, Quarter Proof expertly crafts quarter-strength spirits. 

Combining traditional fermentation and distillation processes with a new, industry-defining technology called fractionation, Quarter Proof has created a suite of future-crafted spirits that are at once familiar and groundbreaking. Their range currently features two award-winning products, the London Dry 'G/N' and Blanco 'T/QUILA'.

Quarter Proof has faced numerous hurdles starting a new category of spirits. At 12% ABV, they have been unable to legally call their spirits 'Gin' and 'Tequila'. Despite a meticulous distillation process, which mirrors traditional methods, the ambiguity in classification has posed a significant obstacle to their brand growth and market presence. 

"We have created a new model of alcoholic consumption," asserts Quarter Proof co-founder Rohan Radhakrishnan. "Frustratingly, parameters don't currently exist for this middle ground category where Quarter Proof sits. You are able to call non-alcoholic spirits 'Spirits', but we do not yet have any legislation for our category. We have faced regulatory bodies challenging the naming conventions of our original spirits, and as a result, have lost out on huge chunks of revenue and have lost listings with the likes of Amazon. We have had to re-think everything and are excited that our new brand identity will be mixing things up to represent this bold new world!"

The Rebrand & New Product Launch 

To address these challenges, Quarter Proof has made the strategic decision to increase the ABV of their spirits from 12% to 15%, allowing for clearer categorisation within the industry. The London Dry 'G/N' will now be referred to as a 'London Dry Spirit', while the Blanco 'T/QUILA' will be known as a 'Blanco Agave Spirit', aligning with regulatory requirements and enabling Quarter Proof to navigate the complex legal landscape more effectively.

Alongside increasing the ABV of their current products, Quarter Proof will also be launching a Vodka, the 'Three Grain Spirit', as part of their range on 17th June. The Quarter Proof Three Grain Spirit at 15% ABV has been made by blending three UK-grown grain distillates in the perfect ratio to develop a smooth yet characterful spirit. Each distillation process has been carefully crafted to select only the finest fractions of flavour from each grain before blending them all back together to create the complex spirit with a spicy finish.

Quarter Proof has additionally undergone a comprehensive rebranding effort, encompassing brand identity, packaging, and digital presence. The new packaging features labels with a minimalist modern design with bold colours, reflecting the distinct flavour profiles of each spirit - as well as a visual representation of Quarter Proof's pioneering distillation process. 

Quarter Proof's rebranding initiative signals a new chapter in their mission to redefine the spirits industry and promote more mindful alcohol consumption. With a refreshed identity and plans to expand their product lineup further, Quarter Proof is poised to continue its journey as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of spirits.


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