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Nourish Awards Introduces Low-No Drink Category: Celebrating Alcohol-Free Innovation

Nourish Awards, the esteemed platform dedicated to recognizing excellence in the food and beverage industry, proudly announces the introduction of a new category: Low-No Drinks. This addition underscores the awards' commitment to supporting businesses and brands that are dedicated to creating healthier communities by offering alcohol-free alternatives.

someone pouring a bottle of Sentia Gaba Red into a wine glass at a table
Serving non-alcoholic drinks instead of wine at the 2023 Nourish Awards

Since its inception in 2018, Nourish Awards has steadfastly maintained its stance of not accepting alcoholic beverages for consideration. Now, with the burgeoning market of low and no-alcohol drinks, the awards program is excited to extend its recognition to this vibrant and innovative sector of the industry.

The decision to introduce the Low-No Drink category reflects Nourish Awards' mission to celebrate and promote products and brands that prioritise health, taste, and innovation. By embracing low and no-alcohol alternatives, the awards program aims to provide a platform for businesses that share its vision of fostering healthier communities and lifestyles.

"We believe that the introduction of the Low-No Drink category is a natural evolution for the Nourish Awards," says Diana Babics, founder of the Nourish Awards. "By recognising and celebrating alcohol-free innovation, we are not only supporting the growth of this important sector but also empowering consumers with more choices for leading balanced and mindful lives."

The Low-No Drink category invites producers of alcohol-free spirits, low-alcohol wines, and innovative botanical infusions to submit their products for consideration. Entries will be evaluated based on criteria such as taste, creativity, ingredient quality, and contribution to the advancement of alcohol-free alternatives.

"We are excited to welcome brands and businesses that are passionate about creating delicious and health-conscious alcohol-free drinks to participate in the Nourish Awards," adds Diana. "This category represents an opportunity for these innovative brands to gain recognition and visibility on a prestigious platform that shares their values and aims."

The Nourish Awards ceremony, where winners will be announced, promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and community within the food and beverage industry. By introducing the Low-No Drink category, the Nourish Awards reaffirms its commitment to supporting businesses and brands that are driving positive change in the quest for healthier communities.

For more information about the Nourish Awards and how to enter the Low-No Drink category, please visit

About Nourish Awards:

Nourish Awards is a prestigious platform dedicated to recognizing excellence in the food and beverage industry. With a mission to celebrate and promote products and brands that prioritise health, taste, and innovation, Nourish Awards serves as a trusted guide for consumers and industry professionals.


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