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Low & No: The Way it Goes

Updated: Apr 8


 2023 was an undeniable year of growth for no-and-low-alcoholic drinks, with roughly 250 non-alc spirits now available globally*. Supermarkets have dedicated alcohol-free signposting, and premium bars and restaurants are taking their non-alc menus more seriously.


CROSSIP's new bottle designs on a bar top

Leading the way? The moderation lifestyle. As many as 82% of low-and-no-alc consumers also drink alcoholic beverages*, seeking a great option for however they’re drinking on any and every occasion. These consumers drive the demand for better quality liquids, creative mixology and memorable experiences when ordering non-, low- and alcoholic beverages.



This new “balanced” drinker might sound like a revelation to some, but to Carl Anthony Brown, Founder of CROSSIP Drinks, they have always been front of mind. Over two decades in hospitality, Carl mastered mixology in some of London’s most exciting venues, while keeping one ear to the customers who were seeking a delicious cocktail but didn’t happen to be drinking alcohol that evening.

What were their options? Readers will recall this predicament only too well, and depending on the venue today, might still be experiencing it. A short, sharp list of drinks that were highly sweetened, lacklustre in presentation and by all means, “mocking” a cocktail. Eight years ago, Carl already knew they deserved better and set about creating unique alcohol-free spirits that delivered bold layers of flavour and promised richness, depth and endless possibilities for bartenders to create exciting drinks.

CROSSIP’s story began ‘behind the bar, not in a boardroom’, and this laid the foundation for Carl to create a non-alcoholic drinks brand with a difference thanks to a deep understanding of the interplay between the needs of the drinker and the bartender when no alcohol is required.

From macerating ingredients in ice cream tubs between shifts to hours shut away in the back room, Carl layered spices, botanicals and unlikely ingredients to craft liquids that captured the positive sensory excitements and flavours familiar to alcoholic serves with none of the unwelcome effects.



On the horizon are traditional occasions like festive celebrations, New Year and Dry January that have been revitalised, with CROSSIP enabling drinkers to be unapologetically bold when ordering and enjoying alcohol-free serves, without compromising flavour, quality or experience.

On the heels of this growing (and very much welcome) acceptance of low-and-no-alcoholic drinks onto shelves and menus, low-alc has emerged to play an innovative role in new occasions. Kickstarting a new year teetotal in honour of Dry January is nothing new, but this year, complete with a brand new bottle design, CROSSIP aim to raise awareness of low-alc drink options and connect drinkers to choices beyond the usual U-turn on alcohol consumption in January.

Whatever the occasion, intrepid drinkers should be reaching for premium-quality liquids that champion versatility. CROSSIP’s range is bold enough in flavour that they can be lengthened with mixers for a simple yet sophisticated AF drink while adding new dimensions to alcoholic serves in and outside a bar setting, and deliver the perfect mouthfeel for low-alc cocktails that hit the spot.

CROSSIP Damson Fizz cocktail on a green table top


Playful, delicate damson florals, reinforced by Rich Berry's mulled spices and citrus.

  • 35ml CROSSIP Rich Berry

  • 25ml Lemon Juice

  • 25ml Honey Syrup

  • 70ml Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Add all ingredients except sparkling wine to a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice, shake and strain into a fancy glass. Top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

*IWSR No- and Low Alcohol Strategy Study 2022 UK

** Leading The Way, CROSSIP x CGA by Neilson


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