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Raven Records: London's new heavy metal alcohol-free bar

Updated: Feb 11

by Raven Records

Raven Records is a new record shop, coffee shop and alcohol-free bar in the heart of Camden Town, London. It is the world's first heavy metal alcohol-free bar and offers a full range of 0.0% ABV drinks, heavy metal-inspired coffee and vinyl from a vast spectrum of heavy metal genres. 

Raven Records founders Ben & Chloe

The shop was the vision of owners Ben and Chloe, who wanted to create an alternative space for people to socialise in an environment that isn't solely focused on the consumption of alcohol. Ben is a recovering alcoholic (16 years of no drinking and counting!) and runs a secular twelve-step programme for those recovering from addiction. 

Both have been involved with the music scene for a long time, Chloe working as a professional DJ in the 2000s and Ben working in music A&R. The shop also provides a space for recovery meetings and will be a community hub for the metal and alternative communities.

Through the alcohol-free bar offering, they are targeting non-drinking fans (and drinking fans wanting to try something new) to address the issue that many people don't necessarily want to drink alcohol but still enjoy socialising. More and more people are now turning away from alcohol, drinking less, or stopping drinking altogether, and this is the case across the generations, with initiatives like Dry January and Go Sober for October now commonplace. 

What are you drinking?

Raven Records is one of the only alternative bars in London where customers can socialise that doesn't serve alcohol at all. All the products are completely 0.0% - there are no 0.5% products - and some products on offer are also halal certified. The bar offers seven types of alcohol-free whiskey, along with gin, vodka, tequila, botanical, and mood-enhancing spirit alternatives. Plus a full range of 0.0% beers and ciders, including beer from independent craft brewer Brulo*, and 0.0% products from Guinness* and Stella* and Heineken 0.0* on draft. 

Furthermore, they stock a full range of Liquid Death* products and CBD and mood-enhancing drinks from Trip*, Goodrays* and Peak*. 

So, if you are looking for somewhere to hang out this Dry January or are after an alcohol-free start to a big night out, head down to the bar at Raven Records. 

The shop is located c.100 metres from Camden Town station at 24 Camden Road, London NW1 9DP and is open Thursday to Monday from 12pm to 8pm. 

All vinyl can be purchased online through the Raven Records website. 

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