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Kahol unveils full 0% spirit collection (March 2024)

Updated: Apr 8

London-based non-alcoholic spirits brand KAHOL have launched their full collection of 0% spirits this month after spending a year socialising select expressions of the range with key audiences. The highly anticipated collection includes both clear and dark spirits as well as a limited edition aperitivo, and is designed to directly replicate their alcoholic counterparts in all but ABV. 

Founder Mustafa Mahmud said, “Drinking occasions have always been more than just about feeling light-headed… in our culture, they’re intertwined with important life moments, memories with loved ones, and so much more. We set out to create a range of alcohol alternatives almost indistinguishable from the real thing because we wanted everyone to enjoy almost the ritual that is drinking, and to keep those moments and traditions alive with or without alcohol”

Born in pursuit of creating true spirit replicas, KAHOL’s unique production process involves painstaking stages combining elements of traditional alcohol production with proprietary technology. Beginning with full-strength spirits, the alcohol is enzymatically denatured, before an extended period of barrel aging and botanical infusion structures flavours and mouthfeel. The resulting blends are amongst the first 0% spirits to work not only with mixers and in cocktails but also designed to be enjoyed neat. 


The team have spent the last year scaling up production capacity for launch whilst perfecting their blends with the help of London’s pioneering alcohol-free hotspots, including The Club Soda Tasting Room, Maya’s non-alcoholic cocktail bar and newcomer Raven Records. The limited release allowed time to gauge consumer response, which has been universally positive. As Club Soda founder Laura Willoughby observed, “It’s our bestselling in the shop”.


“This is a category which started out with only the teetotal community in mind but has grown to include drinkers seeking to moderate who want convincing alternatives. It was important to us to reflect this and create spirits which served the full breadth of our audience and which were informed by their feedback. It’s been brilliant to work with Club Soda and a few others to trial select blends” 


The inaugural lineup is headlined by Malt Abbey, their bestselling whisky alternative modelled on Speyside scotch, and is complemented by Maggie Bailey, a 0% bourbon based on the Kentucky straight variety. The range also includes a 0% Plata tequila, dark spiced rum and London dry gin. The spirits will be available to purchase online at and at select retailers from 1st March ahead of launching with a selection of independent bars and restaurants later this year.


For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us




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