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Botivo X Maison François Collaborate on a brand new offering

Botivo To Launch Limited-Edition Botanical Aperitivo in Collaboration with Maison François

A bottle of Botivo's new collaborative aperitivo with Maison Fraçois

Botivo, the award-winning big-sipping botanical aperitivo (0% ABV), has announced its first-ever limited-edition product: a new aperitivo inspired by the classic French apéritif Pastis, made in partnership with London’s famed brasserie Maison François.

The ‘Maison François x Botivo Botanical Aperitivo’ is inspired by the indulgent, sun-drenched world of Pastis.

This premium drink harmoniously blends the aromatic and liquorice notes of star anise and fennel pollen found in Pastis with the floral essence of chamomile and the bitter undertones of artichoke and woody gentian root. Simply pour over ice and top with soda or sparkling water, then garnish with a fresh bay leaf.

The new flavour, ideal for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails, is the ultimate alcohol-free addition to any drinks cabinet. The liquid infuses aged apple cider vinegar with honey, fructose, chamomile, star anise, artichoke, gentian root, and fennel pollen, to create complexity and an aromatic finish. 

Francois O'Neill, co-founder of Maison François said,

“At Maison François we have long been huge supporters of Botivo, so to work with them on their first-ever exclusive, limited edition launch is incredibly exciting. We both share a huge passion for craft, quality ingredients and good times, so it's a perfect fit. Given the Provençal theme of the drink and our French heritage we thought it ideal to combine the launch with our Bastille Day celebrations. Vive La Botivo!”

With only 600 bottles available ever, Maison François x Botivo Botanical Aperitivo will be sold exclusively on the Botivo and Maison François websites, available only while stocks last. Additionally, it will be served in Maison François by the glass. 

The collaboration is an exciting step for Botivo, which is on a mission to transform the non-alcoholic drinks category by leading a new movement based on taste and liquid quality, not on the % ABV. Imme Ermgassen, co-founder of Botivo says,

"We are delighted to announce this limited-edition liquid in partnership with the world-class French restaurant, Maison François. It has taken months of experimentation and hand-crafting with unique ingredients to get to this delicate yet powerful combination. Inspired by the herbal, liquorice notes of Pastis and handmade using no flavourings, by our maker and co-founder Sam, this is our first limited-edition flavour. It’s the ultimate indulgent non-alcoholic liquid.”

Available from Thursday, 11th July 2024 from


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